Dental Stem Cells Is the Next Dental Solution to Extraction

Grown of stem cell to replace tooth loss extraction and implant replacement: Dr Paul Ganjian has recently been in cooperation with the group of Swedish scientist at his own research pharmaceutical laboratory “Pharmotech CRA”

Proud of our Recognition & Value of Outreach by dedicated staff

We are Proud of our recent staff member’s recognition. We recently received a letter and certificate of merit from Philips Academy for Miss Stidwell.

Digital Dental Intraoral scanners Milling Machines and its revolutionary impact on future of dentistry

There's no question that dentists should seriously consider intraoral scanners as a future part of their practice.

Important International observance days

International observance day has some other names attached to it, which is an international dedication and global anniversary day. This period is used to observe issues concerning national interested or concern. On the other hand observance, days are a remembrance, awareness and celebration days of events that are usually spent as a day off work, … Continue reading Important International observance days

Important World Dental days 

Every event has its day of celebration, just like every other profession in all around the world. The world dental day started on 20th March 2013, by the FDI World Dental Federation. The world dental day is always celebrated on the 20th of March every year. There has been no extensive research that talks or … Continue reading Important World Dental days 

World important days being celebrated

World important days is worth being celebrated; it is used in remembrance of an event or happenings or better still in the memory of a hero, which deserves not to be forgotten worldwide. Although most of the times world memorable days are not regarded as holidays. We will observe that until we were born, there … Continue reading World important days being celebrated


To prevents major medical issues: During any dental examination they ensure to check for any decay and illness on your teeth and gums. Not only do they pay attention to your general oral hygiene, but also show concern to other body parts such as your neck, face, throat, saliva and how your jaw moves.


usual teeth whitening techniques include: use of toothpaste, mouthwash and professional treatment. But, there are also some natural home remedies to brighten that beautiful smile and they include Using gel trays in substitute of whitening strips




Depending on how well you take care of your gums and teeth will be a great determinant in the prevention of gum diseases. Periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria together with mucus and food particles, which if not well taken care of could result to a sticky colorless substance on your mouth, also called a plaque.


Toothaches varies from the minor sensitivities to severe pains, hence the system keeps the body informed on what is going on. Tooth pains are mainly caused by nerve reactions on the tooth pulp, where extreme sensitivity and pain can be felt from internal or external stimulus. Below are some of the sign and symptoms of tooth pains:

How to brush properly with dental braces.

The important conclusion is the need to dislodge food particles around the teeth and braces mainly after each meal. The crushed food particle specialy broken carbohydrate containing meal can cause significant cavities.

4 Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dental Work

Cosmetic dental procedures are not exclusively for the rich and famous. "These types of treatments have become easily available and affordable to the regular working person, and can drastically improve your self-image, without increasing your debt bill"  says Dr. Ganjian at Next Generation Dental ™. A cosmetic dentist can address your specific concerns, creating a … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dental Work

Cosmetic Dental Work: 5 Top Procedures to Improve Your Smile 

These 4 main procedures are non-invasive and require little to no down-time, so you can enjoy your new smile in a short period of time, with virtually no pain.

Lasers use Training video in Cosmetic medical and dental surgical procedures

lasers technology in cosmetic non invasive treatments