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Have you noticed your teeth getting yellowish or stained? Such discoloration of teeth can occur due to multiple reasons. 

In today’s detailed dental blog, we are going to discuss the reasons behind teeth discoloration, how to prevent it and what are the available treatments to get cured.

What causes tooth discoloration?

The main and most common causes of tooth discoloration are mentioned briefly below:

  1. Too much drinking: Acidic drinks, alcohol, caffeine- all of these are bad for teeth. Acidic drinks risk your teeth enamel and cause tooth decay. Caffeinated drinks can also damage tooth enamel and stain your teeth, as these drinks include tannins. Alcohol doesn’t directly discolor teeth, but by drying out the mouth it increases the risk of tooth decaying and eventually causes discoloration. 
  1. Smoking: Smoking will erode your teeth’s enamel layer and lead to tooth decay. Then it results in discoloration of teeth. You must avoid habits like smoking or tobacco chewing to prevent discoloration of teeth.
  1. Genetic reason: Two genetic conditions, namely- amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta can cause teeth discoloration. Amelogenesis imperfecta causes yellow-brown stains on teeth and makes the enamel fragile. On the other hand, dentinogenesis imperfecta creates grey stains on the teeth surface and makes them look transparent. 
  1. Advancing age: Beneath our teeth enamel, exists darker dentin. When people age, teeth start decaying naturally and start exposing the darker dentin. For this reason, at old age teeth look slightly black. That is totally natural, to be honest. You may keep your teeth looking good for a few more years by maintaining proper oral hygiene, but today or tomorrow these black stains will become visible for sure. 

So, these are the reasons why teeth discoloration happens in the first place.

Detailed dental tips on how to prevent teeth discoloration? 

Follow these detailed dental tips to prevent teeth discoloration-

  1. Limit drinking alcohol. 
  2. Try to consume fewer acidic drinks and foods.
  3. Stop smoking.
  4. Avoid chewing tobacco.
  5. Limit having caffeinated drinks, pickles, ketchup and some similar kinds of foods and drinks.
  6. Maintain basic oral hygiene as- brushing and flossing regularly. 
  7. Visit a dental clinic for regular checkups at least twice a year.

Available treatments to cure tooth discoloration 

Several treatment options or solutions are available to get rid of tooth discoloration. Whether you have yellow-stained teeth to brown or grey-stained ones, the Next Generation Dental team is always ready for whitening teeth professionally. The most common treatments are- tooth whitening by bleaching and dental veneer treatment. 

These two solutions of teeth whitening by dentists are described along with detailed dental information below:

  • Bleaching: For treating slightly yellowish teeth, bleaching would work fine. Such teeth whitening treatment is easy, convenient and can be done in a single session at the dentist office. 
  • Dental Veneers: If you have grey or brown stains on your teeth or very stubborn yellow stains, then typical bleaching may not be able to remove them. In such situations, veneers are required. These thin films will cover your teeth and prevent further discoloration. You can even choose the exact shade you want your teeth to be, if veneer treatment is done. But this treatment will require more time, sessions and cost. 


If you have discolored teeth or stained teeth, then instead of trying white teeth home remedies on your own, have a consultation with an expert dentist. At Next Generation Dental, our dentists will provide you with the detailed dental instructions to follow and also discuss whether you need any treatment or not. Then will suggest to you which treatment would be most suitable for your condition. After you agree on having a teeth whitening treatment, a treatment plan will be given to you. Following the plan, you will be treated with great care, using the best teeth whitening kit. 

Make sure to contact Next Generation Dental  and book an appointment. Before reaching us you can also have a look at the before and after photos of whitening treatment available on our website. Hopefully, this detailed dental blog has been helpful enough to enlighten your knowledge. 

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