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Detailed dental picture of how implant works.

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During our childhood days, falling off of a baby tooth used to be fun. But the same thing feels like a curse for an adult, as their missing teeth won’t grow back naturally ever. The same goes for crooked teeth.

Detailed dental picture of how implant works.
Detailed dental picture of how implant works.

Are you one of those unlucky adults who have a crooked or missing tooth and you are thinking about having a dental treatment done to fix that? And have you been tired of searching for ‘permanent teeth replacement near me’ all day to have detailed dental information? Then this writing might enlighten you a lot. By the end of it, you surely will have a basic knowledge about different teeth replacement methods, will understand your condition and have an idea of which treatment would be most suitable for you. So, sit tight and keep reading this to help yourself.


The following questions are answered here with detailed dental information-


  1. Why is teeth replacement important?
  2. What are the different ways of replacing missing or crooked teeth?
  3. What is a dental implant and how does it work?
  4. How many teeth can a bridge replace?
  5. Can dentures replace missing teeth?


Why is Teeth Replacement Important?

First of all, not having a tooth or having a crooked one makes you feel uncomfortable for sure. But this is not even the main problem. All the major issues with missing teeth are discussed briefly below:


  • The chance of losing other teeth increases. Because our teeth are supposed to be lined up in a row and support each other to stay in place. Missing one or two teeth affects this equilibrium position, which leads to the weakening of other teeth.
  • Your face can dramatically change for not having one or multiple teeth. Missing a tooth will make your facial bones collapse and your facial muscles droopy. Especially if a back molar is missing then your jawline will look totally messed up. Many of you raise questions like- do you need your back molars or not? You got your answer, for your jaw’s sake get the back molars replaced as soon as possible.
  • For not having all the teeth, you may face speaking and chewing difficulty. There is a chance that these problems can irritate you so much as to affect your mental health.


What are the different ways of replacing missing or crooked teeth?

Whether you need bottom teeth replacement, front teeth replacement or lower teeth replacement or whichever, you have multiple options available. The options are-


  1. Dental Implant.
  2. Dental Bridge.
  3. Dentures.


What dental implant is and how  it works?


Implants are actually prostheses or dental devices and the most advanced one used for permanent teeth replacement till now. During the teeth replacement treatment, these will be inserted in the jaw by doing a dental surgery and then on top of the implant, an abutment will be set. After that, a natural-looking and customized crown will be bonded to the abutment.


A question may arise in your mind- are dental implants noticeable? The answer is NO, so you don’t have to worry about looking odd or unnatural.


You can have this dental treatment done for replacing crooked teeth with implants or for replacing missing teeth. In some cases, any of your existing teeth might require replacement. Dental implants for teenagers and young adults are also very common nowadays.


To have a complete idea and detailed dental information about dental implants, you can check out our previous blog on Dental implants.



How many teeth can a bridge replace?

Typically, a dental bridge is used to replace a single tooth. Although a bridge can work for multiple teeth too, the bridge would become weaker if used for more teeth and require more crowns. So, it would be better if you get dental implant treatment done for multiple teeth replacement.


Can dentures replace missing teeth?


We have mentioned dentures as a teeth replacement option before. You can have removable or fixed partial dentures if you have a few missing teeth. This is a very cheap and painless option, as well as convenient. If you lose another tooth in future, you can easily add it to your removable denture. Even if you have two teeth missing next to each other, a denture can fix it in no time. Yet for back teeth, implants are the best option.




So, dental implant treatment is the most sustainable and advanced option. But the other two options are easier and cheaper. The purpose of this blog is to provide basic information only. But to finalize your decision on which treatment would be best for you, having a detailed dental consultation with an expert dentist is a must. Feel free to contact Next Generation Dental to make an appointment for.

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