Dentist Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic and After


The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way people seek and receive medical and dental care. With shelter-in-place orders and social distancing guidelines in place, visiting the dental office  now is not an easy task.

Types of Antibiotics in dentistry

The discovery of the first true antibiotic—penicillin—in 1928 was one of the most life-changing events of the 20th century. Before its discovery, when bacterial infections developed, there wasn’t much doctors could do.

5 Dental Conditions Treated in Telehealth Visits

Telehealth dental videoconferencing, or teledentistry is becoming a popular way to evaluate, diagnose and treat oral health and dental conditions.

3 Questions to Ask Your Pediatric Dentist     A pediatric dentist is an oral health practitioner that has undergone specialized training in the field of childcare. As a parent, you are the advocate for your child’s health and well-being, therefore, it is imperative to choose a pediatric dentist that can perform services and provide …

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Cosmetic Dental Work: 5 Top Procedures to Improve Your Smile

There are a few simple cosmetic dental procedures you can look into if you’re struggling with a less-than perfect smile. These 4 main procedures are non-invasive and require little to no down-time, so you can enjoy your new smile in a short period of time, with virtually no pain. 1. Teeth Whitening. A customized teeth …

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