Cosmetic Dental Work: 5 Top Procedures to Improve Your Smile

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There are a few simple cosmetic dental procedures you can look into if you’re struggling with a less-than perfect smile. These 4 main procedures are non-invasive and require little to no down-time, so you can enjoy your new smile in a short period of time, with virtually no pain.

1. Teeth Whitening.

A customized teeth whitening procedure from a professional cosmetic dental practitioner will give you the high-quality results you dream to see, without breaking the bank. Teeth whitening is a fast and simple service, that comes with dramatic results. Your cosmetic dentist will determine the appropriate amount of bleach needed to achieve your desired results, and will also recommend the consistency of follow-up treatments required to maintain optimal results.

2. Dental Braces.

Braces are the best way to straighten your smile. Depending on the cosmetic condition of your teeth, procedures can last from six months, to several years. You can also choose white or clear braces, in order to minimize their appearance as much as possible. Braces are more expensive than a simple tooth whitening, however, their results can last your entire life. A straight smile can affect your overall self-esteem, making braces an investment in yourself.

3. Dental Implants.

Implants are more invasive than other cosmetic dental procedures, and are designed to fill in large gaps between your teeth. Since closing these gaps are physically and time intensive, dental implants can be painful to the patient, since they require the dental practitioner to drill titanium into your gums.

4. Dental Veneers.

Veneers are a relatively non-invasive and painless procedure that can correct a small chip in your tooth, or discolored teeth. Your dentist will cement porcelain veneers over the front of your teeth, and although it sounds cringe-worthy, it is a simple dental service that won’t require you to shift your lifestyle due to significant down-time.

5. Dental Bridge/Bonding.

A dental bridge is something your dentist would recommend if you are looking to fix a space between your teeth due to a missing tooth. Chewing will no longer be uncomfortable due to an awkward space, and a dental bridge will never need to be removed.

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dental work that can fix any gaps in your teeth, or if you have any discolored spots due to a natural defect. Your dentist will use a laser to harden the bonding substance that has already been applied to the front of your teeth, creating a strong bond that will last for a long time, and which requires minimal maintenance.

Cosmetic dental work may just be the best investment you’ll ever make. Depending on your specific type of defect and concern, your dental practitioner can recommend the perfect procedure to improve your overall self image, and quality of life.

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