Important World Dental days 

Every event has its day of celebration, just like every other profession in all around the world. The world dental day started on 20th March 2013, by the FDI World Dental Federation. The world dental day is always celebrated on the 20th of March every year. There has been no extensive research that talks or … Continue reading Important World Dental days 

World important days being celebrated

World important days is worth being celebrated; it is used in remembrance of an event or happenings or better still in the memory of a hero, which deserves not to be forgotten worldwide. Although most of the times world memorable days are not regarded as holidays. We will observe that until we were born, there … Continue reading World important days being celebrated

The History and Development of Dentistry

Today's scientific development has given another life to dentistry; a life that has surprised everybody. A considerable amount of things has changed since the seventeenth century, yet a few things are still the same. For instance - no one enjoyed dental issues, and no one wishes to have them today as well, no one preferred … Continue reading The History and Development of Dentistry

World’s Important Days – International Days – and Observance Days

World’s Concern and Interest World’s Important Days are actually not holidays. But to the International community and United Nations, World’s Important Days may be treated as favorite holidays for they have something to commemorate, promote or mobilize. World’s Important Days or International Days are days to observe issue of world’s concern and interest. These international … Continue reading World’s Important Days – International Days – and Observance Days