Safety First vs Covid Virus

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Dear Patients

I hope this email finds you well, and you and your families are staying safe.
Next Generation Dental takes safety extremely seriously. Our office has built strict protocols in these times of unknown to get us through the pandemic with safety being our number one concern. To our surprise the word got out by our unbelievable patients. Last week we were contacted by NBC news and asked to run a little synopsis of what it is like to visit the dentist during the pandemic. Yesterday morning our very own Dr. Benjamin Ganjian was featured in the Today show and explained how our office operates to protect each and everyone of our patients daily. See link below to check it out:

www.today.com/videotape /how-to-safely-visit-your-doctor-dentist-or-salon-88377413819

For those of you who have not been in our office for a dental visit please watch and I hope this will ease your concerns. For those of you have shared what a great job the office does we thank you for that. Your support and help is greatly appreciated.

New York Dental Specialty’s goal is to keep each and everyone of our patients safe and smiling.

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