COVID-19 cases and deaths decline, but fall brings uncertainty

COVID-19 cases
COVID-19 cases and deaths decline

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COVID-19 cases and deaths decline, but fall brings uncertainty

COVID-19 cases Decline

Recent reports show a marked decrease in the number of people infected daily by COVID-19. This evidence is based on 7-day averages published in the U.S daily. The number of active cases has also fallen below 100,000. The death rate has decreased from 2,300 to 1800 per day.

Will COVID-19 cases increase or decrease in the coming future?

In the coming months of summer, a further decrease in the number of deaths is expected. However, after that in the months of fall and winter, which traditionally witness higher rates of respiratory illnesses, cases are expected to rise again. Since the COVID -19 vaccination rates in the U.S remain low, i.e. around 65%, a surge in the rate of infections is expected. This could also lead to an increased death rate due to the complications caused by the disease coupled with other respiratory illnesses. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) projects that the death rate might reach 800 deaths per day by the end of November before another rise is seen late in the months of winter.

Let’s make sure that we as physicians continue to advocate for continued efforts to contain the spread of this and other respiratory infections this fall! 

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