3D Cone Beam Technology

Next Generation Dental 3D Cone Beam Technology
Fifteen years digital imaging was introduced into dental practice to enhance diagnostic abilities and lessen the radiation prerequisites of every exposure. Presently we are presenting the most recent in realistic radio technology called 3D Cone Beam Technology. This technology permits us (CHEMOGAN) to catch and imitate the point by point 3D life structures of the skull in a dependable, reasonable manner while transmitting small measurements of radiation. Using these advancements as a part of CT checking and 3D Stereo-lithic surgical and technological prosthetic reconstruction, we are proceeding with our dedication to providing our patient with the most developed and most secure technology accessible.

“We can offer you Cone shaft imaging which is a standout amongst the most imperative development in dental radiology and has shown effectiveness for a large variety of treatment applications.” Says Dr. Paul Ganjian Director of Dental research at Chemogan pharmaceuticals dental division Cone bar technology has a few elements that make high-determination 3D imaging a reality. A digital x-beam scanner is mounted on a pivoting arm that circles the patient’s head. As it turns, the x-beam is anticipated in a deliberately controlled, cone-formed shaft through the patient and onto an indistinct silicon level board or image intensifier sensor. The beam includes the patient’s whole head, so it just takes one pass to catch the complete skull life structures. The subsequent images are shown on a PC screen.

The Benefits

• Drastically lower radiation discharge: A typical CT output is around 600-700 microsieverts, while cone beam imaging is typically under 70 microsieverts.  

• Short scan and remaking times: Scans take a typical of around 20 seconds, and not even up to a minute later, images are created on the PC screen permitting to see in 360°-undistorted, virtual, pivoting models of the patient’s life systems.

• Right Diagnosis: Bone thickness can be precisely measured to decide best implants and better diagnosis of maladies or conditions.

• The Cone Beam images have more serious points of interest: Soft tissue, missing teeth, the area of the nerve canals and the relationship between proposed inserts and the inverse jaw are completely noticeable.

It returns to the Patient  

Cone bar imaging is without a doubt crucial as we strive harder to bring best dental diagnosis and treatments to our patients. Its 3D display and accuracy uncover what 2D can’t: the genuine spatial connections, shapes, and estimations of each structure in the human skull.

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