Important International observance days

International observance day has some other names attached to it, which is an international dedication and global anniversary day. This period is used to observe issues concerning national interested or concern. On the other hand observance, days are a remembrance, awareness and celebration days of events that are usually spent as a day off work, for example, valentine’s day, father’s day or mother’s day.   

The observance day is used to commemorate, promote and also to mobilize for actions. These holidays are set aside and established by the United Nations General Assembly, The Economic and the Social Union, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations, The World Health Organization and so on.


These holidays are worldwide holidays that give the world days to celebrate and remember events or men and women that have given their lives in sacrifice or have invented something that helps to better the world. Reasonably, for many people around the world, these international observance days are days that set aside for appreciation for the worldwide religious or political heroes, in other to show them respect and make them feel honored.


Given the dark nature of these days, there are approaches you can make in other to enjoy these foreign holidays, while you are still observing and honoring its real purpose and meaning.


There are ways that observance days could get celebrated. In most countries, take the United States for example on the flags are being raised when observing the memorial days to show a sign of respect for different heroes like Martin Luther King and some other heroes just to mention few.


There are different ways that each country goes about celebrating these international observance days; some countries fly the National flag at halftime from dawn to the noon local time as a sign of remembrance. While some countries have refused to appreciate some remembrance days due to reasons, best known to them in their country although they have their remembrance days and know about how to celebrate them.


in observing the international observance day, the lead agency for a particular international observance makes use of a symbol carved out of the United Nations symbol, most reasonable a specially designed logo for the year together with the United Nations infrastructure to coordinate events worldwide, a written event is also represented with the logo and a symbol of remembrance for a particular event.


The logo used in memory summarizes the activities that took place around the world under the auspices and care of the international observance and make a remarkable recommendation for the future.


If you are the type that appreciates things a lot, you would love to celebrate the world Observance days and observe the public Holidays set aside for this. This sign shows that you respect the past heroes that one way or the other put some things in place just for you to live and attain total freedom. It will also bring you closer to those that have sacrificed their lives to fight for what you are enjoying now.


Observing it is a magnificent idea, and it can be a great reminder of the rich history of your beloved country and the great sacrifices that have been made to get us to where we are today.


Sacrifice more of your time to surf the internet; you will find lists of International Observance days by the United Nations or by organization that declare international observances but are not as widely recognized

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