Important World Dental days 

Every event has its day of celebration, just like every other profession in all around the world. The world dental day started on 20th March 2013, by the FDI World Dental Federation. The world dental day is always celebrated on the 20th of March every year. There has been no extensive research that talks or makes it known that a particular day is the origin of the memorable dental day. The world dental day is celebrated to pay tribute to the dentist and dental surgeon annually. A dentist is known to be a healthcare doctor whose specializes in identification, prevention, and medication of teeth diseases and ailments of the oral fissure. 

World Oral Health day (WOHD) is a day celebrated every year which used to be on the 20th of March of every year. This date is used as the international day celebration for celebrating the benefits of a healthy mouth and to increase, the global awareness of issues facing the dental health industry and the advantage of having an oral hygiene to looking after everyone both old and young.

 This day is a day for people to have fun, which is a day that is usually full of activities that make people laugh, sing and smile and have fun. The FDI World Dental Federation is the world governing body that controls the dental association activities.

In their bid to make the program a memorable one, the FDI organizes an annual Dental Congress popularly called (FDI AWDC). This program is a scientific program, a trade exhibition and an international forum for the reviewing and the discussion of matters arising from the world of oral health care and all other subjects that will be of great advantage and advancement to the objectives of FDI. It is an opportunity to strengthen the relations between the world dental organizations, people, and countries of the world.

As a dental surgeon, it is fascinating to realize that there is a special day set aside for the celebration of world Dental Association. It is an encouraging step because it makes the profession more recognized and standard. Most countries have their international day and conferences that help more dentists meet one another and get exposed to new discoveries and developments as far as the dental world is concerned.

 As a result of this program, the dentists will meet and treat patients that have been disturbing them for long. This dental day provides academic enrichment specific to dental education to participants.

 In this program, participants present their treatment planning case with a false patient profile to the treatment planning board to have a look and have an expert and advanced solution to it.

It encourages that official planning guide is made available during the treatment planning section, and feedback is available at the time of case presentation.

Everything has been put into place to make the world dentist day a memorable one. All participants are recognized based on the field in the dental field; it includes all member nations in the world.

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