It must really overwhelming for you to choose the best teeth whitening product in an array of many, a bright smile usually goes a long from getting your dream job, meeting your future date and much. It not only makes you stand out, but also improves your confidence and self esteem, the usual teeth whitening techniques include: use of toothpaste, mouthwash and professional treatment. But, there are also some natural home remedies to brighten that beautiful smile and they include:

Always replace your toothbrush: It is very essential to always get that toothbrush swapped after every three month or toothbrush immediately you notice that the bristles are getting worn down, a change is inevitable because your is not performing its function anymore.

Using apple cider vinegar: Very effective and highly recommended, apple cider vinegar is the best solution for whitening your teeth because it is natural and organic, and a sure way to maintain that beautiful white smile. It must be mixed in a ratio of one part vinegar and two part water swished in the mouth from one to two minutes.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables: Eating raw fruits and vegetables is healthy to both your body and teeth; they include nuts, raw carrots, apples and much more. These raw fruits and vegetables is believed to clean the teeth by getting rid of plaques and preventing the formation of plaques and cavities.

Using gel trays in substitute of whitening strips: These strips are not efficient because it does not spread the whitening paste evenly. Due to this the area around the gum is still dark because it cannot be reached by the strip; hence a gel is most preferably the most suitable option.

After eating oranges always rinse your mouth with water: Orange like other citrus fruits have acids that could erode your enamel, hence staining the teeth. To prevent such a cause make sure your rinse your mouth after.

Do not use baking soda: Baking soda is not suitable for your teeth; it is an abrasive which could damage your teeth’s enamel causing it to darken, it may be used to remove stains around your household but it is not suitable for your mouth.

Do not eat dark foods: Eating dark foods could lead to the staining of your teeth that includes marinara sauce, blueberries, blue sauce. These foods have dark pigmentation and although some of these foods may be healthy it is good to consume them in small amounts.

Stay away from guzzled energy drink: Like citrus foods, energy drinks have similar effects due to the acidity content. According to some dentist it is appropriate to drink these beverages with a straw to prevent the direct contact with teeth causing more damage to it.

In conclusion, for that perfect white smile that you have always wanted, first you need to take proper care of our oral hygiene. You can also consider cosmetic dentistry which includes bleaching, bonding and much more. Although, it might not be long term but it can still work wonders to your teeth.

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