Captivating Cosmetic Veneers

Using Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS),neurologists can produce smiles and euphoria. Smile and you’ll feel good and because people like what they see, they’ll smile right back! If you are reluctant to reveal your less-than-perfect smile, you could be missing out. Cosmetic dentistry can benefit anyone who wants to look better, feel better, and smile healthier!

With cosmetic veneers you can:

BALANCE: Symmetry and balance affect your smile’s appearance in more ways than one. Some substances can affect the acid balance of your smile.

ACID: Some factory workers, lab technicians, and professional wine tasters can experience teeth staining and erosion. For example, wine makers can taste from twelve to eighty wines per day!
ALKALINE: Competitive swimmers of any age can develop swimmer’s calculus – brownish stains on their teeth. Chlorinated water’s high pH factor can cause salivary proteins to break down, forming organic deposits on teeth enamel.

PREVENTION: Most patients can control exposure to these kinds of hazards. But if staining or tooth sensitivity due to enamel erosion are a problem for you, come and see us.

INTERVENTION: We can provide a professional assessment and cleaning, and suggest home care products and techniques. …look younger by filling out wrinkles… 

  • hide severely stained teeth … 
  • close gaps between your teeth …
  •  improve the look of crowded or overlapped teeth without braces.

Strong, hand-sculpted porcelain veneers can give your teeth such a straight appearance that they have sometimes been called “instant orthodontics.” Once bonded to your teeth, they’re durable and easy to maintain. They are extremely smooth, solid, and glass-like so … veneers look completely natural … they reflect light like natural tooth enamel … they mask flaws and rejuvenate smiles … veneers resist staining from food, tobacco, and beverages like tea, coffee, and red wine… veneers reject most oral bacteria which tend to slide off their smooth surface!
Cosmetic veneers can give you the two things most people notice first in anyone’s smile … straightness and the whiteness and color of teeth! 

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