The Benefits of Laser Cosmetic Gum Surgery 

When the typical person thinks about what makes a great smile, they typically think of straight, white teeth. However, there is another dimension to a great smile that is often not given its full
credit: nicely structured gums. Some smiles are gummy, where the teeth appear short. Other gums have or appear to have receded, giving a long-tooth look. Other gums are uneven or
disproportionate. Fortunately, no matter what the condition of gums, almost all of them can be
corrected or drastically improved through cosmetic gum surgery. 

Cosmetic dentistry practices are very careful to address all aspects of your smile to give you the
smile that will give you the most confidence as you present your best face to the world. Some cosmetic dentistry procedures such as crowns, veneers, and composite resin bonding will work in conjunction with cosmetic gum surgery to give the best overall look. Frequently all that is needed to make a nice smile fabulous is basic cosmetic gum surgery. The procedure used to help a “gummy smile” is done by removing or cutting back a portion of the excessive gum, usually with the aid of a laser. The careful molding of your gum will result in a more perfectly framed smile and will give you the appearance of having larger teeth. The follow-up care consists mainly of an antibacterial mouth rinse to prevent infection from setting in while you recover from the cosmetic gum surgery procedure.Cosmetic gum surgery used to correct a “long toothy smile” says Paul Ganjian a New York City dentist at Next Generation Dental ™ this procedure is slightly more complicated as far as cosmetic gum surgery goes. 

In this procedure, the cosmetic dentistry periodontist will remove small
amounts of skin from the roof of your mouth and graft it into your mouth around the gum line. In spite of the invasiveness of this procedure, the healing process is typically quick. The advantages to this surgery extend beyond the cosmetic improvement of your smile and into an improvement of the actual health of your gums. You may find that you do not have the same sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks. Your roots will also be protected from decay as your gums will not suffer as much shrinkage. 

Deciding on cosmetic gum surgery should be done carefully. While this is a relatively routine form of cosmetic dentistry, you will want to choose a practitioner who has verifiable experience and proven results. Ask your prospective cosmetic dentistry practice for references and any before and after photos they may have of previous patients. Be careful not to simply choose to have any particular person perform your cosmetic gum surgery based simply on price alone. While the cheapest quote won’t necessarily result in the worst results, the most expensive quote will not necessarily give you the greatest results. It is your mouth and your smile. You have the right and responsibility to perform your due diligence, so you can be proactive and assuring yourself that your cosmetic gum surgery
will be a great success! 


  1. please, I need more information about this. I’m particularly scared when I hear the word ‘surgery’. What is Laser Technology and how is it used with cosmetic dental surgery? I read about “cutting back a portion of the excessive gum”. Is this going to be painful? I watch on TV how clients of cosmetic surgery have a botched up procedure. Any information would be appreciated.


  2. Hello @Brenda, I have had excellent results from my first try of having a cosmetic surgery. I absolutely love my smile now. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. A qualified cosmetic dentist anywhere in the world can give you answers to your questions. All the best


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