What to Expect During a Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Cosmetic dental treatments go beyond the routine cleaning and maintenance provided by a family dentist. Treatments available vary from simple fixes for a basic concern, to complicated treatments for serious oral defects. Before committing to a treatment with a cosmetic dentist, be sure to schedule a consultation and come prepared with any questions you may have.
Described below is the basic outline of a consultation with a cosmetic dental practitioner: Be Prepared to Answer the Question, “What Change Do You Want To See?”

You should be able to explain the exact outcome you are hoping to achieve, and feel comfortable discussing your concerns and reasons for seeking cosmetic dental treatments. You should also ask yourself honestly what exactly it is about your teeth and/or mouth that you don’t like. By being totally honest, it will allow your dental practitioner to determine the best possible treatment plan meeting your specific concerns.

Expect a Dental Examination.

Once the initial questions and expectations have been discussed, your cosmetic dental practitioner will perform a basic dental examination. This exam will tell the dentist exactly what he/she is working with, and whether or not your dream results can become a reality. It is best to come to your consultation with an open mind. Your cosmetic dentist is truly the only one that can determine the results you can expect to see, based on your existing condition and budget. 

Get Ready to Say “Cheese!”
Once the oral exam has taken place and your dentist has asked questions regarding your dental history, the practitioner will now take photographs of your inner mouth. Depending on the results you wish to see and your current oral health, your cosmetic dentist may also want to take dental impressions, if braces, fillings, or implants may be in your future. 

Time to Discuss Your Dental Appearance.
Once pictures and molds have taken place, your cosmetic dentist will discuss with you the overall appearance and condition of your oral health/structure, and can determine more deeply the types of treatments to pursuit. The practitioner will discuss the kind of results which are realistic in your specific case, and how they can be achieved. 

Finish Discussing Types of Materials Used in Treatments.
Your cosmetic dental practitioner will finish your consultation by discussing in full detail each component of treatment, including the materials used during procedures, the length of procedures, as well as the healing process to expect. The dentist will explain any risks or side effects that may occur during treatment, and any discomfort that may be experienced. 

Based on the consultation with your cosmetic dental practitioner, you will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding cosmetic dental treatments. You will be able to determine if the risks involved are worth the investment and whether your end goal is realistically obtainable. 


  1. Thanks for the information. I am going in to see my dentist soon. I’ve been meaning to do some sort of cosmetic surgery to work on my gums but I wasn’t sure what to expect. After seeing the results a friend got I became interested but never got to asking her how I’d go about getting mine done. Now that I’ve read this, I’m itching to get started.


  2. Well that would depend upon the patient what type of consultation they want from dentist. In any case dentist will firstly examine your teeth then give you advice accordingly.


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