Dental Sealants How It’s Done Plus Advantages

A sealant is a protective, plastic material that is placed directly on the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars. Sealants protect tooth enamel from erosion and drastically reduce the occurrence of tooth decay.

Teeth are prepared for sealants with a thorough cleaning, followed by the application of a specialized dental solution. This solution roughens the chewing surfaces, making it easier for the sealants to adhere to the teeth. The sealants are then painted on the chewing surfaces of the teeth and a curing light is used to harden the sealants.

As long as the teeth receive regular care, sealants can last several years before requiring a reapplication. 

Dental Sealant Video

2 thoughts on “Dental Sealants How It’s Done Plus Advantages”

  1. An enlightening read! I never knew there was anything like dental sealants that help to protect your teeth. Is the use of dental sealant a cosmetic surgery procedure or is this something that could be done after treatment of a dental ailment? I’ll seek the advice of my dentist on the possibility of a having the procedure done. If having my teeth coated with dental sealant is something to keep my teeth protected and healthy I’m definitely going to have the procedure done.

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