Bruxism Sleep Apnea Symptoms Causes & Treatment Video

Bruxism or TMJ- is a habitual chronic daily precondition in which a person grinds, clench all teeth. Individuals who suffer from bruxism, may unconsciously without their knowledge clench their teeth together during the day, majority also clench or grind them at night mostly while they are sleep (sleep bruxism).

Sleep bruxism is a condition which dental profession recognizes as a sleep-related disorder. People who clench or grind their teeth (Brux) during rest are more likely to have other sleep disorders, such as snoring and partial sudden interruption in sleep which is usually known by slerp apnea.

Among most american population bruxism can be in different stages. vast majority of induviduals suffer from frequent and severe stages serous enough to lead to jaw disorders, headaches, broken worn teeth and other occlusion bite complications.

​Adults can have sleep bruxism TMJ or TMD disorder of upper jaw joint and be unaware of it unless clinical conditions and discomfort up on chewing become evident, , it is essential to become familiar with the signs and symptoms of bruxism and receive proper diagnosis and treatment such as night guard from a dental care professional and receive regular dental care.​​

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  1. I never knew this had a name. Bruxism and ‘sleep Bruxism’! I had a truly irritating and horrible experience with a roommate some years back. My nights were truly awful and I could barely sleep at night with him grinding his teeth. And the most annoying part of it was that my roommate wasn’t aware that he had this condition. The days weren’t different either. The teeth grinding continued. I thought it was something spiritual and he was finally going to eat me up any other night.

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