INPI France National Institute of Industrial Property

Next Generation Dental French  Trademark. Grant
Patent Trademark France

Next Generation Dental declaration of trademark protection in France. French National Institute of Industrial Property.” Institut national de la propriété industrielle – INPI

Dans la maison des innovateurs Reference: 987/919401701 Statement of Grant of Protection Issued by an Office where no Notification of Provisional Refusal has been Communicated within the Applicable Refusal Period Rule 18ter(1) of the Common Regulations.

International registration No. 1244968 (NEXT GENERATION DENTAL)

A statement to the effect that protection is granted to the mark that is the subject of the above-mentioned International Registration has been sent to the International Bureau by the Office of France, in accordance with Rule 18ter(1) of the Common Regulations under the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol relating to that Agreement. Since the statement referred to above was sent to the International Bureau in electronic form, or in the form of a combined list of several International Registration Numbers, the International Bureau is not in a position to produce and provide any further paper documentation in this regard. Marque :  Next Generation Dental

Note :  Caractères standards Individual Classification de Nice :  44   Produits et services 44  Services de dentisterie. Déposant :  Ganjian, Paul J., Individual, 5 W. 71st Street New York NY 10023, USA Numéro : 1244968 Date de dépôt / Enregistrement : 2015-04-02 Date prévue pour l’expiration : 2025-04-02 

Pays désignés Suisse,  Allemagne,  Danemark,  Union européenne,  Finlande,  France,  Royaume-Uni,  Irlande,  Inde,  Italie,  Mexique,  Suède (Protocole) 

Dépôt origine :  US 78501144 2004-10-18  3088732 2006-05-02


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