Early Tooth Loss and Correlatation to Memory Loss

Older adults who have missed all their teeth have faster decreases in storage and walking ability than people who still have at least some of their teeth, a new study says. The findings suggest that total tooth loss could provide an early warning of increased danger of physical and mental decline in older people, the Finish researchers said. Notwithstanding, the findings don’t prove that tooth loss causes the physical or mental decline. The survey included more than 3,100 participants 60 and older. People with no remaining teeth did about 10 percent worse on exams of memory and of walking speed than those with at least some teeth, the researchers found.

Tooth loss could be practiced as an early marker of mental and physical decay in older age, particularly among 60- to 74-years old. Socioeconomic factors, such as education and income, maybe the common links between tooth loss and poor physical and mental wellness. Regardless of what is behind the connection between tooth loss and decline in function. Recognizing excessive tooth loss presents an opportunity for early identification of adults at higher risk of foster mental and physical decline later in their life. 

There are many genes likely to influence this decline, such as lifestyle and psychosocial factors, which are conformable to change.

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